Upure 2 Glove Box

Our new glove box system allows users to remotely operate, monitor, and run diagnostics on their glove box.

  • Remote Monitoring and Control of Glove Box
    Users can monitor the working conditions of the glove box from their computer or smart phone.
  • Data Encryption and Backup
    When there is a data transmission error, interruption, corruption, or loss occurs because of network failure, users can restore and track historical data of the equipment through our system. You can configure the firewall to ensure data integrity and security.
  • Failure Alarm
    If equipment fails, the system will send a notification to the user and automatically start the failure protection routine.
  • Remote Troubleshooing
    Our engineers can access, debug, and restore the system remotely.
  • Online Help
    Users can access online learning resources for the operation of the monitoring and control system. Users can also solve problems themselves using our Online Help site.
  • Free Customer Service Online
    We offer online communication tools (email, chat, video conference, etc.) with our service staff or engineers to solve issues if they arise.
  • Main Chamber
    Modular length: 1220mm/1500mm/1800mm/2440mm ( 48.0”/59.1”/70.9”/ 96.0”)
    Modular depth: 750mm/1000mm/1200mm (29.5”/39.4”/47.2”)
    Modular height: 900m( 35.4”)
    Material: Stainless steel type 304, thickness 3mm (1/8”)
    Sight Windows: Inclined, Safety Glass, thickness 8mm (1/3”)
    Gloves Ports: POM (Polyoxymethylene), 220mm (8.7”) Diameter
    Gloves: 8B1532
    Dust Filter: HEPA 0.3μ, one gas inlet, one gas outlet
    Shelving: Stainless Steel, two fixed shelves (adjustable shelves available)
    Lighting: External fluorescent lamp, front mounted above sight glass.
    Feedthroughs: One power feedthrough, 3 blind-flanges
  • Large Antechamber
    Diameter: 360mm (14.2”) or 400mm (15.7”), Length 600mm (23.6”)
    With Sliding tray
    Spindle lock door, Vertical operation with lifting mechanism
    Automatic door system, both inside door and outside door are inter-locked.
  • Small Antechamber
    Diameter 150 mm (5.9”) or 100mm (3.9”), Length 300mm(11.8”)
    Hinged door
    Manual operation via hand valve
  • Purifier
    Removal of H2O and O2  to Less than 1 ppm moisture and oxygen
    Absorber Unit: 5kg Copper catalyst,5kg Molecular sieve
    Capacity to remove oxygen, 60L , moisture 2000g.
    Encapsulated Blower: 90m3/h
    Regeneration: PLC control all process including heating, introducing mix gas (working gas mixed with Hydrogen 5-10%), etc.
  • System Control
    PLC and HMI: Siemens S7
    Based on the Internet of Things concept to realize remote Operation and Diagnose
  • Vacuum Pump
    8m3/h Rotary vane pump with oil mist filter and gas ballast
Options & Accessories:
  • Accessories Options
    Moisture Sensor
    Oxygen Sensor
    Solvent Absorber
    Heated Antechamber
    Cold Well
    Microscope Unit
    Ionizer without fan
    Various Feedthroughs
  • Other Options
    Customized box sizes
    Integrating  customer’s instruments into the glovebox, like evaporator, ALD System and Spin Coater etc.
    Polycarbonate Window(s)
    Quick Release Window(s)
    Antechamber with interlocking door
    Small chamber with sliding tray
    Antechamber purging  only without vacuum
    Antechamber refilling from Gas cylinder instead of box
    Rectangular Antechamber
    Flexible shelves – adjustable up & down – adjustable back & forth
    12m3/h Rotary pump
    Dry scroll pump
    Prompt service
  • Remote Control and Diagnose
    Based on the Internet of Things concept to realize remote operation and diagnose
  • High Capacity Purifier
    Rapid removal of H2O and Oto less than 1ppm
    Long intervals between regeneration cycles.
  • PLC Control and Color Touchscreen HMI
    Automatic Purge; Circulation; Regeneration; Pressure control; User Friendly Interface.
  • Long Life Moisture and Oxygen Analyzers
    P2O5 Moisture Sensor: Corrosion resistant, Renewable by acid-cleaning if the probe is contaminated by HF or other corrosive environmental exposure.
    ZrO2 Oxygen Sensor: Solid sensor, long life, can be exposed to air without consumption.
  • Customize a glove box specially for your application
    Our engineering team can help to turn your idea into a solution.
  • Stainless Steel gas pipes and connectors
    All the gloveboxes has been upgrade to stainless steel pipes and connectors with much higher corrosive-proof for highly corrosive environment.