Venture Scientific

About Us

Venture Scientific is a very young and dynamic company, supply wide range of best quality science and engineering research items and equipments at a fair and reasonable price. Our aim is to make research simpler and faster by providing on-time support to choose the best options, simplifying order policy and by giving fastest delivery. Venture Scientific also offers a user friendly common platform to find the best options for your research.


We believe to build a seamless platform where people can come to find and discover anything for LAB.  We believe in saving customers time and their money by providing them the best labware and equipment/ instruments.

We believe it is our primary role and responsibility to support researchers, professors and other laboratory professionals with the very best service and quality products at a fair and reasonable price.


To exceed the expectations of our Customers, Colleagues and Suppliers

  • Quality – best quality in service and product
  • Speed – Time saving
  • Simplicity – Simple and boundless
  • Passion – Passion to work with the research community

Why Choose Venture Scientific

We have a very dynamic and versatile team having a vast experience of dealing research products and research instruments. Our profound understanding of individual products by the deep scientific analysis and constant customer feedback helps us to guide our customer to choose the best product for their respective purpose. Our knowledge and specialized sales service will make the customer comfortable and well satisfied.