Product Details:
Model 3D Mixer
Capacity 3 ltr to 1000 ltr
Design Type Standard, Customized
Max Mixing Mass (Kg) 3kg to 1000kg
Motor Power (Hp) 0.3
Power Supply (V) 220
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3D mixing (also known as Turbo mixer or Tumbler mixer) is most efficient & innovative technology for uniform / homogeneous mixing. It is used for powder / liquid / suspensions- irrespective of their proportion, density and partial size.

3 Dimension Shaker mixer is widely used for uniform mixing of Uranium powders. Uranium powders of different specific weights, sizes, or shapes can be blended to perfect uniformity. We offer models in 3, 10, 20, 35, 75 Ltr as standard models and larger model as per customer requirements.

3D Mixer is ideal for applications demanding blending for industries like – Metallurgy, Abrasives, Minerals, Metal powder, Food & Pharma, Bio science, Nano technology, Explosive material, Ceramics, Cement, Polymer, Photo chemistry and many more

Industry Application

Pharmaceuticals -Small amounts of potent drugs with large volumes of material
Powder Mixing -cobalt, Manganese and Copper with a silicate for fluidity
Diamond Tools -Mixing industrial diamonds with either a resin/metal matrix
Ceramics Mixing- glass batches including Silica, Alumina and other additives
Nuclear Industry- Mixing friable Uranium Dioxide granules
Explosives Mixing- Aluminum powders with explosive dusts
Pyrotechnics For -production of fireworks and signal rockets
Food Mixing of milk- protein powders for homogeneity
Cosmetics Mixing -constituents to coat particles with additives
Photo chemistry -Producing homogeneous mixtures of Silver Halogen crystals
Batteries -Blending of dry cell components
Plastics -Blending of pigments with resins, lubricants and other additives
Metal Finishing- DE-burring and polishing, without bending or damage.
Ball Milling -Grinding media in choice of material and size

Features Of our 3D Mixer

Suitable for different specific weight and particle size mixing
No product separation
No centrifugal force and local heating
Removable mixing drum


Heavy powders with very light ones – Homogeneously
Minute quantities with huge volumes- In one step
Pharmaceuticals- With the highest degree of purity
Crumbly granulates- Without excessive fines
Toxic materials- In complete safety
Biological substances- Without heating


* High Mixing efficiency
* Dust free hygienic mixing in closed container
* Short Mixing time
* No segregation of the different compounds
* Gentle mixing