Die Set

VS Supply Hardened Stainless Steel Dies, Tungsten Carbide lined Hardened Dies and Evacuable pellet making Dies ( For vacuum application during powder compaction) for KBr pellet making and powder compaction.

Salient Features of Powder Compaction Dies:

  1. Used for making high quality pellets for KBr Pellets for FTIR molecular spectroscopic analysis and XRF pellets for X-Ray Fluorescence atomic spectroscopic analysis.
  2. Dies are supplied with extractor ring for sample disc removal.
  3. VS will also supply pressed pellet out of the same die for your satisfaction of our quality checking and testing of same die manufactured at our end.
  4. VS Can supply wide range of shape, size and load capabilities. For any custom shape dies, kindly let us know your design or desire pellet size. We can design your dies as per suitability of your parameters.
Specification of Tungsten Carbide Line Dies
  • Density / Specific Weight : 14.34 to 14.50 gms/cc.
  • Hardness in HV5 : 1210 to 1350 HV5. 2 3. Minimum TRS value: 3000 N/mm.
  • WC Percentage: 89%.
  • Co Percentage: 11%.
  • Plungers will be made in total Cobalt bonded Tungsten Carbide. Die body will be lined with Co-WC.
  • Steel Grade En24
  • Steel Hardness 40-45
  • Carbide Grade Tool Grade TCW30
  • Bottom and Top Punches will be brazed to steel

Note:- Other sizes are also available on request.

Sr. No. Die Cavity(mm)
1 3
2 5
3 8
4 10
5 12
6 13
7 15
8 20
9 25
10 30
Hardened Stainless Steel
WC Lining