Electrically Conductive Adhesive (ECA)

  • Flexible circuits for membrane touch switches
  • Biosensors, EKG/ECG electrodes
  • Make a temporary electrical and mechanical contact (For Example: SEM)
Silver Ink for Room Temperature Drying
  • Specifically formulated for use in Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and other electron optical applications can also be used for producing or repairing PCB track, to paint-on an electrical screen,  or to make electrical connections to non-solderable surfaces.
  • Very simple to apply with a brush and is touch-dry in approximately 10 minutes and usable in 30 minutes
Key Features:
  • Volume resistivity 0.001 Ω cm when fully hardened
  • Baking at 120°C for 5 to 10 mins, after drying improves mechanical and electrical properties
  • Easy to use and quick drying

Note: Shake vigorously before using and replace cap when not in use


Product type: Paint (Viscosity: 4-5 Pa-s)
Conductive element: Silver
Package size: 50,100,500 grams
Applicator type: Brush, Spatula
Cure time: 10 min

Silver Conductive Adhesive Paste
  • A silver-loaded conductive paste, specifically formulated for use in Flexible printed circuits, RFID and other conductive circuits and to make electrical connections to non-solderable surfaces.
Product Description
Appearance Gray silvery paste
Filler Type Silver
Product Benefits Flexible Good adhesion
High Conductivity
Operating Temperature (Maximum) 100°C
Cure 20 minutes @ 120°C
Shelf life 180 days
Sheet Resistance, ohm/sq/25 µm 0.010
  • Direction of Use
    • Clean surface thoroughly prior to application.
    • Mix thoroughly before use to ensure it is homogeneous. A slow speed stirring may be utilised to mix until product is uniform.
    • If needed, the paste can be diluted with Butyl glycol acetate.
    • Paste can be applied by screen printing method, Doctor blading or directly using spatula.
    • The paste can be cleaned with acetone, ethanol.

    Optimal Storage: 2 to 8°C. Storage below 0°C or above 30°C can affect product properties.