• Metalic Construction
  • Simultaneously operating stirrers.
  • Consistent heating and stirring.
  • Silicone surface for anti-skid.
  • Narrow foot print for space saving.
  • High magnetic strength.
  • Knob for electronic variable speed control.
  • Knob for regulating variable power.
Item Code Volt Hz Watts
410.AG.01 230 50 220
410.AG.02 115 60 200
Included Accessories:
 Item Code Accessories
1500.150.02 Magnetic Stirring bar 25 mm x 9 mm
Technical Specification :
Heating Plate material Silicone and Aluminium
Number of stirring positions 5
Speed Range 0 – 1200 RPM
Maximum stirring bar length Can use upto 30 mm bar
Temperature range Ambient to 120 °C
Temperature constancy in medium ±2k
Stirring quantity max. 1250ml. Max.
Vessel Capacity 250 ml (each position)
Stirring position distance 90 mm
Dimension of Stirrer Body 554 x 126 x 75 mm
Weight of body 3 kgs
Permissible ambient temperature 5-40°C
Permissible relative moisture 80%
IP Class 42
Temp    RPM No. of Positions  Vessel Capacity    Material
120°C 0-1200 RPM 5 1.25L (Total) Silicone & Aluminium
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