We supply customized range of high performance Vacuum Systems. Our Custom Built Vacuum Systems are designed and developed keeping in mind the market trends and clients’ specific requirements. These Vacuum Cleaning Systems are widely used by many clients across the country. Available in exclusive designs and advanced features, the complete range of our supplyd Industrial Vacuum Systems, Central Vacuum Systems, and High Pressure Vacuum Systems is easy to use and maintain. They are provided at market competitive prices, which make them more demanding among customers.


We supply excellent Chambers Vacuum Systems to cater wide requirements of all kinds of clients from all over the country. These Chambers Vacuum are specially designed and developed by experts, who have industry acumen and are familiar with each and every expectation of clients. All the components supply in our company have always been appreciated by consumers for being best in quality and offering superb results during usage. Thus, Vacuum Systems and Products has been successful to sustain its higher position in the competitive market.


We supply a comprehensive range of flanges and flanged components such as nipples, elbows, tees, crosses, flex bellows, glass-metal seals, quick couplings, viewports, etc. in all standard vacuum flange systems. Available in various sizes and dimensions, our Flanges & Components can be customized as per the demand of the clients. Utilization of optimum quality raw materials in the production assures high strength and efficiency of the Flanges.


Modern vacuum processes require a plethora of: regulated gas flows: calibrated helium leaks; cooling water; liquid nitrogen; compressed air for pneumatic valve operations; and many others. Our Gas/Liquid Management pages contain all the unlikely but necessary valves, flow regulators, plastic tubing, and compressed air fittings to make a process happen in a vacuum system.


VS is a leader in high reliability, precision stainless steel vacuum isolation and pressure control valves. The VS family of vacuum isolation valves includes bellows and ball valves, manual, pneumatic and electro-pneumatic actuated valves in heated or unheated angle and inline configurations, safety shut off valves and soft start valves. Continual improvements in design improve life and reduce cost. Unique to the industry, all VS valves seal both ways against full atmosphere pressure differential.

• Automatic opening and closing of valves if pressures exceeds the set point as per the pre-set pressure ratios
• Provides complete protection to the capital equipment


Combining latest vacuum technology and innovation, VS Pumps offers its wide range of oil lubricated vacuum pump, automotive vacuum pump, dry scrolll pump, diffusion pump, turbo molecular pump, which find application in different industries. We supply and export rotary vane type oil lubricated pumps, which are available in fibre & steel vanes along with the capacity from 150LPM (Liters per minute) to 1200 LPM. Apart from this, we also specialize in developing these pumps as per the specifications and demands of our clients


Our mechanical pump fluids are engineered to maintain optimum lubrication while achieving the lowest possible vacuum level. We supply non-additive fluids. We can also offer specialty additive packages for specific process conditions. Attention to process parameters and maintenance requirements produce some of the longest lasting and most reliable mechanical pump fluids available today. We have stock of:
a) Diffusion pump fluid DC704,Diff20 and other make also
b) Roary vacuum pump oil local make as well as edwards,lybold …etc


Vacuum Filters Protecting the vacuum chamber from vapors produced by the pumps; protecting the pumps from gases and particulates originating in the chamber; and protecting people and the atmosphere from materials from both pumps and chamber, is the job of a trap, filters, or abatement system. Vacuum Traps Protects the vacuum pump from harmful substances present in the vacuum system and/ or formed during the vacuum process. Can also block the vacuum pump oil from back streaming into the system and contaminating.


Vacuum evaporation by electrical resistance heated sources is often a preferred entrance level technique for the deposition of thin films. The process can be easy to master. If smaller dimensioned sources are chosen, the less expensive laboratory sized coating plants can be used. It is possible to ramp the process up to a large production scale by the use of the bigger sources and multiples of them- sometimes in extremely large capacity high vacuum chambers. We offer a comprehensive selection of tungsten metalizing filaments to fit your thin film coating needs. Choose from tungsten coiled filaments, tungsten baskets, tungsten rod sources, point source, loop filaments, or heater filaments. Tungsten filaments offer ease of use, low power requirements, large coverage area and low cost.


We offer superior accuracy and reliability in compact designs. Combining multiple technologies in a single controller for total pressure measurement and control of vacuum process.


our aggressive, on-going R&D efforts have led us into other areas of deposition source development, including: thermal evaporators for both inorganic and organic materials, , electron-beam evaporators in flange-mount and service well configurations, ion beam sources for assisted deposition, RF inductive evaporators for aluminum, and numerous other sources for deposition


We offers a wide range of Single Stage and Multi-Stage Air-Powered Vacuum Pumps components and Vacuum Generators components that operate using plant supplied compressed air. The following pumps will handle from the smallest to largest amounts of flow and vacuum level. While others offer only Multi-Stage or only Inline styles we build all types to insure you get the best pump for your specific application.


We stock a vast assortment of pure materials for use in thermal evaporation and sputter deposition processes. We offer solid elements, compounds, alloys, intermetallics, and mixtures in a variety of shapes, sizes, and purities for R&D applications. We also offer our materials customers sputter target bonding and precious metals reclamation services, saving you both time and money.